Founded in New Zealand in 2014, Ask Nicely provides software solutions to businesses to help drive customer happiness that enables businesses to take immediate action. The company offers a real time customer satisfaction dashboard that increases customer retention and referrals using the “net promoter score” (NPS)  framework for growing businesses. NPS is a trendy metric derived from taking the number of positive mentions it gets from customers, then taking away the number of negative mentions for a net score ranging somewhere from -100 to 100. The business is currently servicing over 1000 businesses worldwide.

Ledgr is a Bookkeeping & Management Accounting firm, that was founded by experienced entrepreneurs with the view to help business owners have access to real-time reporting and accurate management accounts on a daily basis. Therefore, the business is anchored by a purpose built cloud base platform that provides systemised, integrated and real-time data to the business which in turn gives relevant insights to make informed and proactive decisions. The key ingredient to driving growth is to have accurate numbers and reporting.

The Entourage launched in 2010 and is Australia’s largest and most effective educator of business owners, with a community of over 360,000 people. The business offers a variety of courses, programs and events designed to help new start-ups achieve success, by providing an educational space where budding entrepreneurs can learn the necessary skills to succeed in their business endeavours. 

Unfiltered is a global education platform, founded in New Zealand in 2015, dedicated to disrupting the way people learn business and entrepreneurship. The business is an open platform where anyone can access knowledge content and wisdom of the world’s most successful business leaders. They provide advice, inspiration, and knowledge found nowhere else on the internet to give founders and business owners everything they need to achieve business success. We entered the business to help drive the digital subscription model and when this business strategy changed we had a successful exit in 2017 for an undisclosed amount. 

One of Australia’s fastest growing gym franchises, the business created the Fitstop formula, where members are taken through fit, fast, and functional 45 minute sessions to reach their full potential and progression. The franchise was created in 2017 and has a community culture  and performance-led vision. The business has built a franchise model that gives passionate business owners the opportunity to make a big impact in the franchise industry. Currently the franchise holds 32 locations across 2 states, Victoria and Queensland.