Does Rich Bell work on every business or investment?

Put simply, yes Rich works directly hands-on with all businesses or investments, take a look at our Active and Current Investment Portfolio to gain a more detailed insight into some of the businesses/investments Rich is involved with.

What is the best way to gain investment from BLG?

Contact Business Leaderz Group via info@businessleaderz.com be sure to include an overview of your business, some supporting financials and how BLG can help with current business or example – mentoring, board support, investment or help raising capital.

How can Rich help scale your business?

Rich has over 10 year’s experience in helping build and scale a variety of successful businesses, from small start-ups to well established global companies looking for a new approach. See our testimonials page for some of the businesses Rich has successfully helped scale and grow into powerhouses.

How can BLG help raise capital?

BLG has access to a diverse and accomplished network of highly successful businesses and individuals and it is by tapping into this network capital can be raised. Depending on what you need, we prepare all relevant documents from financial forecasts, pitch decks, data houses and also the entire presentation package. We take care of the process end-to end including introductions and all legal advice around the transaction, SHA and closing the entire deal off.

What sets BLG apart from other business groups?

Business Leaderz Group unlike many other business groups out there are hands-on with the businesses and investments they are involved with. BLG actively runs workshops, education days and provide mentoring and coaching to ensure business leaders feel supported and backed whilst working with BLG.

What industries does BLG specialise in?

We have worked with and invested across a diverse range of industries and businesses such as service based businesses, health, fitness and wellness, professional services – accounting firms, digital marketing firms and advisory services, tourism , travel and adventure, education & education programs, childcare, online subscription & E-commerce, media.