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We charge $20,000 to companies around the world for our team to come in and do this audit in person with full reports and recommendations, and we’ve made it available to you now digitally as an instant online audit that you complete yourself to highlight your roadmap to growth.

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Business Audit

– Free –

Approx. 5-10 minutes.

40 essential questions to get a quick overview of your business’ performance. 

Business Audit


Approx. 30-40 minutes.

275 Questions over 16 essential sections that will give you a complete understanding of where you need to place your focus. 
A must for any serious business owner.

Intensive in-person
business Audit


Two days

We complete the audit in-person over two days. You get a full report, in-depth recommendation and insights that you can only get when we analyse the business in person.

THE BUSINESS AUDIT THAT will tell you exactly where you need to focus.

Using the Business Operating System for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders, discover the ultimate framework for what your business needs to move to the next level. This business audit will help you pinpoint what area you need to focus on and get free exclusive access to the Business Learning HUB with business tools and advice to fix each area of the model.

Here’s exactly
what you get from the business audit:

Answer 275 questions spread over 16 sections that help you identify your Business Score and get clarity on which area requires greatest focus.

Start to see your business from a helicopter view, see the gaps and how everything works together to have a high performing organisation that is positioned for growth.

Focus and clarity on where you need to put your energy based on experience from advising hundreds of companies to success.

Exclusive and FREE access to the Business Learning HUB where you will be able to get information, resources and downloads specially crafted resources to support your growth.

Understand the fundamentals requiring your focus that will underpin the success of a high performing team and business. 

Recommendations on next steps for you to take as a business owner to take your own performance to the next level.

Based on the Business Operating System for Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders


Vision & Purpose

Business success does not happen by accident, it is planned and executed. This section is a cornerstone of your business.

Leadership and Management

Do you have the right leadership style to inspire a platform for trust and the right management style to get results?

Relationships & Networking

Business is not done between companies, it is done between people. Having a reputation in your industry and amongst your network is essential. 


Business is 80% mindset. As a business owner/leader do you have the right mindset to overcome all adversities and keep moving forward with conviction?


Strategy & Planning

Business success does not happen by accident, it is planned and executed. This section is a cornerstone of your business.

External Condition & Competition

It’s not enough to just focus on your business solely. Step back into a 10,000ft view of the global playing field.

Governance & Advisory

Every business, especially a fast growing one, needs the right governance and advisory in place to make sure the business is kept accountable and on track. 

Reporting & Metrics

Know if you are on track by having the right reporting and metrics in place to measure the key vial signs of the business. 


Product & Service

Your product/service offering needs to be simple, easy to understand, u- to-date, exciting and clearly meet the needs of the end user. 

Operations & Systems

Are you actually delivering what you are preaching to the highest level? Operations and systems are the pillar to help your business scale and remain reputable during fast growth. 

Financial Intelligence

Know your numbers. Do you have the right financial systems set up and are you getting accurate and timely information to be able to make decisions? Are you actually hitting your financial goals?

People & Culture

The backbone of the business. Without happy people there is no one to please the clients, innovate and perform to hit goals. This area is usually grossly under-appreciated. 


Revenue & Sales

Revenue and sales is about getting the money in, but its also about having a clearly defined path to market and strong systems to get clients across the line and keep them happy. 

Brand & Marketing

Do you have a system that is highly tuned and delivers consistent results and leads to your business every month? 

Technology & Disruption

In this era there every business needs to be levereging technology to help it get ahead. Staying up with the play of technology means staying alive.  

Capital Raising & Valutions

Is your business ready to raise capital to help it move towards its goals faster. Are you confident you know how to go about this to get the best deal for everyone involved?


 What our clients are saying…

Peter Hull


“Working with Rich for over 4 years has been nothing but life-changing. Mentoring me from a Personal Trainer with 30 clients to systemising the business allowing me to grow to multiple staff members over two locations with a membership base of hundreds.

After this success, Rich invested in the business to build the fitness franchise FITSTOP and together that now has a global vision. Rich has provided the education, support, and systems to not only help build this vision but to also support my personal and professional growth.”

Todd Scott

National Business Review

“You don’t know what you don’t know. 

But what we do know 100% is, without Rich Bells immense business acumen & total understanding of a modern day technology business along with his willingness to mentor us & head up our advisory board, NBR would be the way of a large number of media companies & newsrooms closedown around the globe. 
We could never work for anyone else, yet Rich has a way of holding me to account, while at the same time being across all aspects of our business to ensure we strive to achieve revenue targets with a well communicated plan that every person in the newsroom understands.”

AJ Hackett

AJ Hackett International

I’m the creator of Bungee Jumping around the world and many other crazy activities. We’ve been involved in this business for over 30 years. Five years ago I met Rich Bell at an Unfiltered conference and got talking and quickly found out he was one of the smartest men I’ve met. 

Rich had a look at the company and we invited him to work on the board. He was a breath of fresh air for everyone involved in the 6-7 countries we operate in. 

Every tin we openned was a can of worms, but with Rich’s energy and input we became motivated and we took our company to a completely different level.  I’d recommend to anybody out there that’s an entreprenuer or established company thats looking to the future that Rich is your man.”



The Business Learning HUB

To support you further, once you complete the audit we are giving you FREE and EXCLUSIVE access to the Business Learning HUB. This is where you can deep dive into each facet of the Business Success Framework and get tips, templates, advice and tools on how to improve the score for that particular section.

The HUB at this moment is accessible for free, so please make the most out of it while it is available.

For each section of the Business Operating System for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, we’ve compiled information which will prove valuable in giving you direction and structure for the next steps you need to take to improve the score. 

By understanding each facet of what makes business tick, you will see how the each piece fits into the puzzle of creating a high performance organisation. 

We believe that business success does not happen by accident. It is planned and executed by highly talented and motivated people. But in order for that to happen you need the right information, the right tools, a strong strategy and the right governance in place to do it. This Audit provides you with all the insight you need to move your business confidently in the right direction. 

Once you complete the audit, see information, GET TIPS, download templates and resources to support actioning & improving your audit recommendations.


business leaderz group

"Let results be the voice"


Our client base is by application only and is hand selected.

If you think you and your business has what it takes and is ready to step up to the next level, click the button below.  


We are a boutique investment & advisory firm that specialises in helping companies grow, strategise and drive performance. Our firm is founded by Australian Business Leader Richard Bell.


Leaderz Group is an opportunity for like minded people to connect, innovate, workshop and network once a month. You will become part of this tight-knit group that supports and encourages each others businesses through the next 12 months.


 We have successfully invested across a broad range of industry sectors, including fitness, health and wellness, financial services and education. We have extensive experience in preparing businesses for exit and bring a successful track record in this regard.


Having our team objectively review your business will in turn allow you to understand the current barriers of business growth and also help uncover opportunities for the business to grow. BLG has developed a detailed and accurate Business Audit report that looks at the 16 performance and foundational areas of business.


Implementing an Advisory Board is an important step for growing startups and entrepreneurial businesses. Understanding if your business is ready & when to implement an Advisory Board is key. 

We also work with businesses to identify growth pathways, maximise profit and efficiency and determine the resource mix required to support strategic objectives.


There are thousands of online business coaches, education companies and quick fix programs you can do to try and help you better yourself and your business, however, most of the time they are too good to be true and the people running those businesses have never actually had their own successful company.

Business Leaderz Group can provide tailored consulting solutions which can help you with the next stage of growth.


Capital Raising is a core component of growing a business and can be one of the hardest things to accomplish as a founder or high growth company. Our approach is to work with you to identify the funding requirement and then devise the best approach to raising funds, either via debt or equity.

“The way to get started is to quit talking
and begin doing.”

– Walt Disney



I want to take the opportunity to commend you on taking the steps up to this point in getting your business to where it is today. Without a doubt it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life but it can also be one of the most frustrating and disheartening ones.

My team and I have worked successfully across multiple industries and sectors where we are now comfortable sharing what has given us results and it’s now time to share this with you too. 

Yours in success, Richard Bell